Luscious Liv


Liv is easy to spot hanging out at the newest trendy café

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The perfect quirky card for that stylish 30 ‘something’ with a message that reads:

Liv is 30 ‘something’

Liv is stylish

Liv likes to drink coffee

Liv likes cafes

Liv is happy



Orinoco + Bungo

Orinoco & Bungo owner Jay is a visual artist producing original paintings and art prints which are are unique, expressive and colourful. With a recognisable style Jay’s paintings have sold from public and private exhibitions globally.  Residing in Perth Western Australian Jay opened Orinoco & Bungo in March 2019 and offers her art pieces in store and online. Working in oil, acrylic, watercolour ink as well as digital illustrations her contemporary works are designed to add vibrancy into your decor.

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Dimensions 13.9 × 10.5 × .1 cm