Acrylic On Canvas ‘Bare’


Sensual yet sophisticated nude painting

*Acrylic on stretched canvas

**Dimensions 61 x 51 cm

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Sensual yet sophisticated nude painting – add an antique frame for a vintage look (use drop down box for frame price )

Bare is a sensual yet sohisticated nude painting, that is painted in a bold colour palette of burnished reds and emerald greens. The models pose represents a reflective moment when the trappings of life are stripped away and one is left bare inside and out. As we journey through a once in a lifetime pandemic it has made me quite reflective on what really matters in this life journey and how we all too often are caught up in the trappings of our lives, bigger home, more posessions etc rather than just being content with being bare and also confident in baring our true selves to society.

*Acrylic on stretched canvas

**Dimensions 61 x 51 cm


Orinoco + Bungo

Orinoco & Bungo owner Jay is a visual artist producing original paintings and art prints which are are unique, expressive and colourful. With a recognisable style Jay's paintings have sold from public and private exhibitions globally.  Residing in Perth Western Australian Jay opened Orinoco & Bungo in March 2019 and offers her art pieces in store and online. Working in oil, acrylic, watercolour ink as well as digital illustrations her contemporary works are designed to add vibrancy into your decor.

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