unique wares for home

Our store is a boutique space filled with original keepsakes sourced from our partners Australia wide that are designers and artisans that are aligned with our core values; Beautiful keepsakes that are for keeps! Keepsakes that are original, timeless, high quality, durable, long-lasting, ethically made, and sustainable treasures for your home.


‘Because originality never goes out of style’ 


In our throw away society consumers are bombarded with low quality easily replaceable products in the marketplace.

With low quality goods that are often more expensive to fix than to replace, the trend of cyclic buying of more low quality items rather than quality long lasting goods, serves only to lead to over consumption, financial disadvantage in the long run, and a world that is heavily over polluted.

As conglomerates and large franchises take over our cities and towns with mass produced reproductions, we support original keepsakes that are purchased to last and to love for a lifetime!

Our message is simple!

We are a boutique bricks and mortar business supporting less consumption, less waste and a more mindful shopping experience, by offering our customers exclusivity, quality items, originality and unique lines in our store collections.

Welcome to Orinoco & Bungo!

Jacinda xxx