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Welcome to O + B! 

We are a creative boutique specialising in hairdressing and original art.  

Art Story: 

Jay has been selling her paintings since 2004 when she began pursuing what she believes to be her true purpose, to paint and create art. Her high school art classes lay the foundation for her artisitic passion however her career path inadvertantly led her on a different route. When she was gifted her first easel in her late twenties her art spark reignited and she spent the next decade experimenting, learning and toiling away with her craft. After years of country hopping and globe trotting with her trusty easel never too far from hand, she found immense grounding in practicing her art whilst her surroundings were constantly changing. Settling in Perth in 2007 Jay began fine tuning her style and producing dramatic and bold pop art style paintings. She now paints mainly with acrylic paint creating figures and forms using unblended brush strokes and abstract texture with her paint resulting in a patchwork of tones, highlights, and shadows. She prefers layering paint swiftly and boldly and is inspired by abstraction, so uses less blending techniques and intentional palettes that are any colour other than skin tone. Faces and their emotions capture her attention as every face is unique and behind each of her paintings belies a story. She also likes to explore a variety of subject matter in her work, and tends to paint what captures her attention and mood on any given day.

She also offers digital painting which allows for varying sizes and the unlimited production of graphic style artwork in customisable sizing, stretched on canvas, or framed on giclee museum grade paper.  Thus  giving the customer, more choice in the final production, including size, and framing, produced on fabric, clothing or on canvas. This flexibility creates limitless options for creating custom art or textiles with her original  illustrations featuring on wall art, garments and homewares.  

You can find her artwork for sale right here on her website and on her Instagram page @jayheathercreative


Hair Story: 

With 30 plus years experience in the hairdressing industry Jay has won numerous hairdressing awards and worked and managed high end salons around the globe. Her specialisation is in creative hair colouring and for a number of years was a Redken Education + Sales Consultant teaching  hair salons new colour techniques and advanced colour and product training. This teaching role saw her visiting creative hubs in New York and London to meet and exchange hairdressing techniques with industry leaders. A highlight of her career was her role as Head Colourist for Oscar Oscar Hair group in Brisbane city in the early 2000’s, working creatively alongside multi award winning Australian Hairdresser of the Year Oscar Cullian. 

At O + B you will be offered expert hairdressing and an experience that is intimate,  blissful and relaxing, knowing you are in experienced, attentive and creative hands.


The Store Name

Orinoco and Bungo ( O + B)  are two characters from the early 1970’s books and TV show the Wombles of Wimbledon that were originally based upon the original writer’s own children. Orinoco is clever, but tends to be a bit lazy and loves to sleep and eat, although he also enjoys an adventure. He has a calm nature and will not overreact needlessly so he sometimes misses the enormity of a situation, but his motives are always innocent. Orinoco might get caught up in a challenging situation and his low- key persona means he relies on others to get him out of tricky dilemmas. Bungo on the other hand is excitable and rather bossy and can be quite obnoxious and at times always thinking he is right even if he’s wrong. Bungo loves to take the mickey out of Orinoco and is great at being a prankster often to the annoyance of Orinoco. Bungo although mischievous, is a loveable and vivacious character loved by all.  Orinoco and Bungo’s differences bond them together as they are the best of friends.

The seven best-known Wombles appear throughout most of the books and TV programmes:

  • Great Uncle Bulgaria (old and wise – his full name is Bulgaria Coburg Womble)
  • Tobermory (handyman)
  • Madame Cholet (chef)
  • Orinoco (lazy and greedy)
  • Wellington (clever and shy)
  • Tomsk (sporty and strong)
  • Bungo (bossy and excitable)

These characters bring up fond and nostalgic memories of Jay’s childhood and the joy bought to her by the show at the age of around 4 years old. Orinoco was her favourite childhood toy and tv character so her store/ salon was aptly named  Orinoco + Bungo……! 

Our Ethos

The Wombles found their place in history books in the 1970’s as furry cute critters terribly afraid of humans that scurried away into their earth burrow after taking humans rubbish from Wimbledon Common and re-inventing human rubbish into new products.  This theme of reinventing human waste makes the show even more profound given the state of our earth some 50 years later.  In today’s throw-away society the meaning of originality in art and personal style really resonates with Jay. Original style & art holds its place in the history books much like movies and TV shows like The Wombles. If you picture your hair style from the 1980’s and although you might cringe a little, that look does foster fond and nostalgic memories as you link your hairstyle to your past. Or how about that music poster in your teenage bedroom or your first fold out record cover from the 1970’s….!
Our art and hair creations take cues and inspiration from past eras, music, fashion and the popular culture.  The shop pays homage to these themes adorned by Jay’s own pop art style artwork. Visit her  creative hub and add some artistc flair to your life with her innovative signature style in both art and hair design.

Our Mission

 Orinoco & Bungo is on a mission inspired by the Wombles to be innovative, unique, and one of a kind! We push boundaries and explore what’s new in hair styling and art design. We don’t follow trends, we set them! 

Our Location

Our Location in Guildford Western Australia