Orinoco & Bungo – art – hair – shop 

 Hello and welcome to O + B! 

I am the owner, the artist, and the hair stylist and I thank you for visiting my store virtulally or in person.

The Store Name

Orinoco and Bungo ( O + B)  are two characters from the early 1970’s books and TV show the Wombles of Wimbledon that were originally based upon the original writer’s own children. Orinoco is clever, but tends to be a bit lazy and loves to sleep and eat, although he also enjoys an adventure. He has a calm nature and will not overreact needlessly so he sometimes misses the enormity of a situation, but his motives are always innocent. Orinoco might get caught up in a challenging situation and his low- key persona means he relies on others to get him out of tricky dilemmas. Bungo on the other hand is excitable and rather bossy and can be quite obnoxious and at times always thinking he is right even if he’s wrong. Bungo loves to take the mickey out of Orinoco and is great at being a prankster often to the annoyance of Orinoco. Bungo although mischievous, is a loveable and vivacious character loved by all.  Orinoco and Bungo’s differences bond them together as they are the best of friends.

These characters bring up fond and nostalgic memories of my childhood and the joy bought to me by the show at the age of around 4 years old. Orinoco was my favourite childhood character so my store name and ethos was born. Welcome to Orinoco & Bungo……! 

Our Ethos

The Wombles found their place in history books in the 1970’s as furry cute critters terribly afraid of humans that scurried away into their earth burrow after taking humans rubbish from Wimbledon Common and re-inventing human rubbish into new products.  This theme of reinventing human waste makes the show even more profound given the state of our earth some 50 years later.  In today’s throw-away society the meaning of originality in art and personal style really resonates with me. Original style & art holds its place in the history books much like movies and TV shows like The Wombles. Picture your hair style from the 1980’s and although we might cringe a little, I am sure a smile quickly replaces that frown, as fond and nostalgic memories link your hairstyle to your past. That arty poster or fold out record cover from the 1970’s….same deal!
Our art and hair creations take cues and inspiration from past eras, music, fashion and the arts.  Pay us a visit and add a little artistc flair to your life with our innovative signature style…O + B x

Our Mission

 Orinoco & Bungo is on a mission inspired by the Wombles to be innovatiove, unique, and original! Our shop items and suppliers are carefully chosen to represent our mission, that being, items of genuine quality, ethically made, innovative, unique and original. In our art + hair shop we create a little magic everyday with our innovative signature style! 

Our Location

Our Location in Guildford Western Australia