Word of Mouth

Art + Hair with a modern twist…

Lovely people, clients and friends, 

Many of you know me as Jay, the owner, the artist, and the hair stylist of O + B! I have been very busy creating goregous hair for my clients in my cute shop in Guildford Western Australia, as well as toiling away producing new art as I am a passionately creative person. It has been fun telling my clients about the story behind my shops unique name, talking about all things art, fashion, and everything in between!  My career in the fashion industry began in 1990 when I embarked on my hair apprenticeship. Fast forward 30 years and there are many stories yet to be told  from behind the chair! The common question I get is what came first ‘art or hair?’ …..

So….my love and enjoyment for creating art began while I was a kid drawing with my mum in the backyard, and making homemade cut out dolls together and creating their numerous cute 60’s style outfits. As a very talented sketcher Mum was my key inspiration which began my lifelong passion for all things art.  Hairdressing followed suit whereby studying faces became paramount to the art of creating styles to suit faces of all shapes and sizes, and applying colour theory which aligned with my art knowledge of creating light and shade, warm and cool palettes, and enhacing skin tones. Which I guess is why I am drawn to portraiture! 

Combining my two passions seemed inevitable and now I have the enviable position of my dream life, not dream job, because a job implies work. And it is work, however, to me it is so much more than that. 

Visiting my shop you will discover it is my creative hub showcasing my latest art.  

All art displayed in my store and online is created by me in my signature pop art style inspired by fashion icons, musicians and comtemporary pop culture. With a desire to minimise waste I have recently moved from arylic/ oil painting on large canvasses into mixed media digital painting which allows for varying sizes and the final production of my artwork at the point of sale only.  Producing  a smaller quantity of traditional paintings,  the body of my portfolio is now mixed media using digital techniques. 

My aim as an artist is to produce a wide variety of contemporary artworks that give you the customer, more choice in the final production, including size, and framing, on fabric or on canvas. This flexibility creates limitless options for creating custom art or textiles specifically to suit your personal taste and style, without overproduction. 

I am continuosly evloving as a creative person and welcome you to stop by for a visit, a chat, a haircut, or a browse in my shop.  

Jay xx

For Hair Bookings  call or text me on 0434878207