Word of Mouth

The Handedby Bag

If  anyone else has felt like me, that the new bags that are readily available from the big supermarkets are a bit pointless in the scheme of sustainable living (oh dear you forgot your bag again, well just buy another, it’s only 10 cents!)


If you despair by the new clutter that’s filtering into your home, of the supposed ‘new’ single use supermarket bag, and you want to rid your cupboards of more clutter, we have the answer….and it’s an easy fix…just say no to another 10 cent bag.

An innovative  company called HandedBy have given us a solution, with an ethos to create sustainable earth friendly shopping bags, they have created bags that are not only stylish to use but are durable, long lasting, easy to clean  and made from recycled plastic. What’s not to love?


Doing a large shop? Use your Saint Tropez or Lumberjack as it will fit perfectly into your shopping trolley.


For the occasional daily items the Paris or Vintage shopper will see you right.


Orinoco & Bungo are proud to stock Handedby shopping bags that are made from recycled plastic materials, with the intent to use on a daily basis and replace single use plastic and the newer heavy duty plastic recently introduced by our supermakets.


For more info check out the website of Handeby and their story…..https://www.handedby.nl/over-ons?lang=en