Goings On….

As Oscar Wilde succinctly put it ‘You can never be overdressed or overeducated!’ And that’s good Oscar because I often overdress and now I am working on the over-educate part!

So….when I’m not busy merchandising in the shop, helping customers, or creating new art work, you’ll find me researching and learning about all things digital!

Today I attended a Google workshop at the Swan Settlers Market in the Swan Valley…As technology evolves so fast the need to adapt to future technologies and develop my business is critical so I can bring you, my lovely customers exactly what you want!

The Venue: Swan Valley Settlers Market, Herne Hill, Swan Valley  – the perfect vineyard  location and a fabulous market for all us lucky Perth residents!  https://www.swansettlersmarket.com.au/

The Catering: Delicious array of gourmet delectable treats from the regions famous ‘Lamont’s’ Fooderie. https://lamonts.com.au/

And real coffee from the Swan Settlers Market’s own, Black Moustache Coffee.

Overview:  A great free networking event and initiative for small businesses bought to Perth from https://grow.google/intl/ALL_au/

Satisfaction Rating: 100%  

Good For: Small business owners like me looking to keep abreast of the digital age!