A brief history……

Fairly recent times:

My business name of Orinoco & Bungo came about from my childhood, and ‘The Wombles’ BBC series I watched on TV at around 5 years old that I loved! (circa 1976)

Before I started my business  8 months ago I struggled for a few weeks to figure out what my business name was, or was about, then the aha! light bulb moment occurred as these two favourite Wombles of mine Orinoco & Bungo, were reignited from my past! Fictitious it may be but these characters really meant something  to each other as they made it through every Womble challenge by supporting each other. Best of mates, but sometimes at odds with each other. Then came the clincher… they were united against waste and about recycling/ or as we now say up-cycling human rubbish…. (40 years ago!). 

P.S. I‘m not a Womble

Nope…but I am passionate about buying for keeps and sustainability, just as the Wombles were. I strive to develop innovative, one-off designs into the Perth and wider global market. I’m passionate about originality. And buying for love and a lifetime!

Lately I have introduced new art that is a change in style for me; its portraits/pop art style, digital illustrations and prints, unique quirky coasters, designer tank tops, fun gift cards and cushions.
I have also produced some large original artworks, in oil and acrylic for the art lover, that wants original big statement pieces.

Recent activities include: Darlington Arts Festival – Bayswater Art Awards – Ellenbrook Swan Open Studios Participant

Not so recent times…

I was involved in the Perth City Utopia exhibition in 2007 where I sold numerous original artworks. Entrant in The City of Vincent Art Awards. Second placing for my original art piece at the Fenacle Art Awards in Karratha in 2010.

Ancient Times…

Previously I painted and sold mainly beach seascapes during 2003-2005 inspired by the incredible natural landscape  from Managwhai New Zealand. My hometown for a brief time.